WLMRT Forever

by wlmrt

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with you i love it!
with you i'm fine
A+ company
you like touching me
and i like touching you
ha ha ha nice song
oh, you're so sweet
your hair is really nice
fingered on the couch you mom's upstairs
cover my mouth you mom will hear
don't stop coming over
i love when you're inside
it's your turn, stephen
play with my hair
i said play with my hair
what would all of our friends think
i'm never, ever alone
what will all of our friends think
for the first time in my life, i don't wanna blow it




released June 27, 2019

engineered & produced by stephen pitman
mastered by steve sidoli
artwork by alex wood

vocals by shelby wilson
bass & vocals by kat mcgouran
guitar by adam bernhardt
drums by alex wood
synth by ryan hage


all rights reserved



wlmrt Toronto, Ontario

email shlbywlsn@gmail.com if you want a 7" or a tape or shirt

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Track Name: Delete my Soup
i don't wanna be like this
you don't wanna feel like this
entering a room
eye contact avoid
doesn't say hi
it's hard to go outside
gosh my eyebrows are so thin, they're tiny
and my Stories are so lame
why do berets look stupid on me
his soup tastes better than mine

his soup tastes better than mine

this is only in our brains
we need to work together
we can't be scared of each other
no one is thinking of anyone but themselves

we're making each other nervous

berets look stupid on me

his soup tastes better than mine

molly at the show
talk to people i don't know
funny on the web
pretty on the internet
Track Name: Shining Star
another kid with no trauma
and loving familyyyyy
in school for social work?
shining star, you're so beautiful
everyone thinks you're so beautiful
another overeducated brat
counter space
volunteer experience? i don't see it
mom says you foster lots of love
she said, "you can do anything
dad says you can't move to the city, "it's not safe"
shining star, you're so amazing
everyone thinks you're wonderful
no health issues
family disputes
or substance abuse
they subsidize your life
designer clothes from all your favourite sites
fresh out of college, feeling prepared?

sh iinnnnggninggg staaaRRrr
shiiiiNNNNing STaaaarrrr
Track Name: Matt & Laura ft. Matt Post
sucks for you, married people
sucks for you, i know your puppy dog face
let it slide sometimes, 'cus what does it matter
freeze the scenario
think about what i'm saying
mom does it, don't do it, slow it down
it won't matter, i'm not really mad
i won't screw this up for myself
other people like it
other people do it
everyday, all the time
in the kitchen
on their "dates"
re-do everything, over and over

pick up your macbook, it's on the floor
pick up your jacket, it's on the floor
pick up your guitar, it's on the floor

other ppl like it, other ppl do it
people in their relationships do it everyday all the time
Track Name: Happy Overtired
Track Name: Stretching
let's start with a glass of water
there's a half empty cup on your bedside table
Track Name: Egg ft. Eli Speigel & Ian Afif
some people are so mean >:-(

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