Fuck Me I'm Joking EP


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released January 7, 2016



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WLMRT Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: Take Me to Walmart
my stummy feels sick
it's heavy on my brain
insurance ran out
I sleep too much
I always sleep too much
probably dehydrated
I drink a lot of gin

no more smoking cigarettes
forget about chugging coffee
everything is a laxative
more vegetables
less hot sauce

there's always a blender inside of me
there's always a blender inside
Track Name: Jumps
we spent all day
filming pools jumps
just pay me on time
don't call me when I'm outside
I am here efuckingnough
milk is gross
your food is shit
I'd rather get a sunburn
filming pools jumps
my boss is a dolphin

not another beach song
not enough backyard
just pay me on time
people leave their nose tissues on my counter
Track Name: Cuf Surb
Track Name: New Job
looking for a new job
staying comfy where I am
I haven't found a new job
I'm lazy lazy lazy

busy watching TV
Nathan For Me
I wasn't writing when I was angry
I wasn't writing when I was sad

another torrent from Coffee Time
love you little house bong
sleeping with a tiny cat
still don't have a fucking new job
new fcking job anuther job fckingg jobbjobbjbjobjob

sitting with my house friends
nine tacos in one day
eating up all the television
more TV shows
bowl bowl bowl

wanna make movies
hot pepper paste gel
eat it most days
spill it all over my resumes

@ my old job crying
being mean to anyone
stuck their whining
songs about jobs

take my resume

Nathan For Me
Nathan For Me
Nathan For Me
Track Name: Brainfeel
should I read more
I do all the best joking I can
my best stand up's behind a counter

go to bed
feel my room
feel my brain
feel my stomach
what was their name

tonight's gonna be a weed night
beer store is on its way
alley is also on its way

tonight's supposed to be a Weed Night
I found the beer store
I walked by an alley
I still don't feel good

go to bed at night
"hope my blanket holds me tight"
can't feel my body in the morning
it feels like I weigh 10lbs

I'm covered in lavender
I'm not getting kicked out tonight
how many phones have I gone through
where is that sweater
where did I put my drink
it's on the floor
not another spill
Track Name: Render Unto Caesar
a caesar a day keeps the doctor away
can we take turns looking at each other
I won't stop drinking these
another pitcher please

dispense tomato juice into my mouth
Track Name: Get Dumped
I worry that my funny, self-deprecating internet friends will find love, start dating, or get a partner
I'm accidentally selfish some of the time
I'm really fucking selfish a lot of the time

at two different points in my life
I have googled
"how to break up with someone"
"how to get dumped"

how to get dumped
get dumped
I am bad at being intimate

get dumped blah blah blah blah